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About me

I was born in Bari, Italy. Since high school, I have constantly taken part in grassroots movements on a number of social issues. After having stumbled upon Peter Singer’s and Tom Regan’s classics on animal rights, I became a voracious reader on the subject.

From that very moment on, I strongly believe that it is necessary – and also urgent – to put an end to all forms of animal exploitation, as a matter of justice and out of respect for other living, sentient beings.

If you look an animal in the eye, all the philosophical systems of the world collapse

Luigi Pirandello

My path in animal law

After training as a lawyer, in 2012 I moved to Milan and joined activist groups that were fighting against fur farming and other issues. Being a passionate animal advocate, I made my way quite quickly into bigger organisations focusing on investigations of factory farms in Northern Italy, such as Essere Animali. Since then, I have set my hand on tens of cases, helping identify legal issues and discern criminal behaviours, filing complaints to the authorities and pressing charges against animal abusers.

As a lawyer, my ultimate goal was to help build a better world for animals by supporting animal rights organisations through consultancies and in court. Case after case, I built huge expertise in animal protection law.

From compassionate lawyer to good lobbyist

I was living my dream, yet I sensed that I needed to do more than just prepare legal cases. I started by organising congresses to reunite other lawyers interested in the development of animal law in Italy. In 2016, I finally understood that I could use my professional skills to help advance the law and advocate for better protection of animals. I moved back to my hometown and founded ALI – Animal Law Italia (see below).

After years of intense work on behalf of animals, I had already gained extensive experience in EU animal protection law but soon I started to orient myself amongst advocacy and civic lobbying. Little did I know that the latter would eventually become the main focus of my daily work at ALI.

A decade after my debut as a lawyer, my commitment has shifted to the development of the mission of ALI – Animal Law Italia. We believe that animals need strong advocates and we are committed to assisting them by making sure that their demands are met by the lawmakers.

ALI – Animal Law Italia

In 2016 I co-founded Animal Law Italia (ALI). This Italian not-for-profit organisation brings together lawyers and other professionals interested in the progress of animal rights and animal protection law in Italy and Europe.

Through research, advocacy and lobbying we help advance animal protection legislation in Italy and Europe, making it more comprehensive and effective. We also focus on achieving better enforcement of existing laws.

People have the power!

The iconic picture of the liberation of beagles bred for animal studies from the “Green Hill” farm in Montichiari, Brescia, which took place on April 28, 2012, following months of public demonstrations. This inspirational image clearly illustrates the effectiveness of activism in paving the change of the status quo.

More about this story

The facility was eventually shut down in August after the authorities found evidence of animal cruelty. More than 2,600 dogs were seized and later adopted.

Prosecutors officially filed charges and I attended the first court hearing on behalf of a shelter which had taken care of hundreds of puppies from Green Hill. Three workers and the company’s vet were found guilty.

Contact me

Please feel free to drop me a line if you seek my professional advice. I personally read all emails and usually reply (usually in a couple of days). Please specify if your request is urgent.

For enquiries concerning Animal Law Italia, please write to a.ricciuti@ali.ong.

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